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Audi Joburg Fashion Week 2009

    Manolo Mom

    Recycled fashion reviews

    February 4, 2009

    Now that the excitement of the Audi Joburg fashion week has settled, it’s time to look back and assess with a clear mind what fashionably awaits us in the next season.

    The fashion magazines, the buyers and journalists have their hands full. The public, who were not privileged enough to be at the fashion show, anxiously await the reviews to start pouring in. The internet, being a powerful tool, allows us to search for any information. And on Monday morning, Stylescoop was booming with fashionistas and fashion conscious individuals hungrily searching for the latest reviews.

    Nothing is more frustrating than reading the same recycled reviews, regurgitating the same words over and over again. If you look at the words used for various designers and put them all together, would you know the difference? The whole picture becomes blurry and hazy.

    I am not a fashion journalist and it was my 1st time at this fashion show (Perhaps I should never have mentioned it) as at these things people often pretend to know more than they do for the fear of sounding ignorant or unfashionable. One has to pretend to know… and that is when the same recycled review happens over and over again. This bluffing can often lead the unknowing public into the dark world of unfabulousness.

    I do not do fashion in the conventional sense anyway. To me blindly following fashion is to set yourself up for the disappointment of looking like a colour-blind schizophrenic.

    Fashion is art, and art is subjective.

    I may be way off here, however the way I see it, we are all individuals and fashion is a fantastic tool we have express this individuality. The individual sense of style is a highly personal entity and fashion evokes certain feelings inside of us. When you feel that twinge of familiar yearning… that when you know… this is what’s right for you.

    It is what a certain visual aspect of a dress means to you… Do you find this dress visually appealing, or rather an extension of your individual trait? Why do you find this particular item appealing? Being able to recognise those aspects about yourself and translate them with appropriate clothing is what a sense of style is about to me – not because someone, who may not have even used their own thoughts/words, declared certain collection fashionable.

    The exciting part is that fashion is unique, but we only have a few words in our vocabulary to describe the vivaciousness and individuality of the designer who created a collection. Perhaps then our vocab’ is far too limiting but luckily we do not need words, as fashion is perceived with eyes!

    * Illustration by Moi Cody

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