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    Wella Elements Inspired by Nature

    I’m always looking for products that make my hair shiny, soft and supple and at the moment, I’m loving Wella Professionals Elements range. I feel like I’ve been so lucky in finding more and more shampoos…

    February 10, 2016
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    Pureology Smooth Perfection & Fabulous Lengths

    72 hours of frizz free smoothness for hair…. Done! Say hello to the latest gem of haircare awesomeness from PUREOLOGY, called Smooth Perfection and my new hair BFF, PUREOLOGY Fabulous Lengths. PUREOLOGY is a range of 100% vegan hair care and styling…

    December 15, 2015
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    Affordable Hair Care Ranges For Your Hair

    While we all have different hair types, one thing remains… we all want fabulous hair! Am I right? Today, I’ll show you four new hair ranges, formulated for very different hair types. So even…

    November 30, 2015
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    So Long Dry Hair

    Over the past couple of months, my hair has gone through many transformations… I went from rocking Ombre (for almost two years), to dying it a plum purple in January, to red a few weeks ago, and…

    March 30, 2015
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    Hair We Go in 2015

    It’s a New Year, which means New Hair! I started 2015 with a brand new hair colour – Aubergine/ Purple – a big change from my beloved Ombre – and I’m kinda obsessed with…

    January 12, 2015
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    3 Holiday Hair Essentials Worth Lugging Along

    I’ve narrowed down my holiday hair products to the bare essentials. Moroccanoil Light, Batiste Dry Shampoo and a big ol’ Wool floppy hat. That’s it! I cannot live without Moroccanoil Light. Seriously, it’s the best invention ever – and…

    November 14, 2014
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    Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo

    I don’t know what it is with my hair, but as soon as I find something that “works wonders”, after a while it changes and I need to find a boost of something different to whack…

    August 6, 2014
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    Combat Winter Hair Static

    I wont lie! I’m not loving my hair in Jozi winters! The colder it gets, the warmer I dress, the more my hair stands up like the bride of Frankenstein! I’ve searched high and…

    July 20, 2014
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    3 Steps to Gorgeous Hair

    I’m not often wowed by hair products after the first use. But, when it comes to the new Kerastase Densifique range, I have been totally blown away! This new hair systems works at building the hair, giving…

    June 10, 2014
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    What I shopped at Retail Box

    Shopping for your hair can now be done from the comfort of your couch thanks to the convenience of RETAIL BOX. It really sucks not being able to find professional hair products that you read…

    November 20, 2013
  • Fashion Outfits What to wear

    Summer Festival

    Two outfit posts in one week! You can defs tell that I’m getting into the summer groove! And, I’m actually starting to make friends with my camera too (hehe). Okay, so Toni&GUY asked me to…

    November 13, 2013
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    Almost time for parteeeee-season! What are you going to wear? More importantly, what are you going to do with your hair? Sleek and sexy is always good for party locks, but since here in South…

    November 8, 2013