The only Lino we are likely to know in South Africa, is the one that covers the floor. Though far, far away, in a land of impenetrable jungles and exotic tropical wildlife, exists… another.

Lino Villaventura. A Brazilian designer, hailing from northern Brazil, whose fashion will send the most exotic bird flying away, bemoaning his ugly duckling existence.

His Spring/Summer 2008 collection would have you staring in amazement at the new species walking down the runway, models transformed by the sheer creativity of his outfits. The exotic infusion of colour, tactile fabric and intricate beadwork, was recently the highlight of Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

Rated by some as the best show of the week, Lino Villaventura, took the theme of the season and sprinkled a little Brazilian cultural heritage on top, African flavour on the sides and 30 years of experience in the middle. The result was a collection that is actually wearable, when broken down into its separate components and above all, memorable.

If you fancy yourself an exotic glamour bird, then here is a trend to follow this season that will have others pluming their feathers when you walk past.

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