Sho-e me the shoes (Shoe storing tips)

If I had all the money in the world, one of the things that I love to build, is a closet just like Mariah Carey’s.  As you can see, Mariah is a girl who loves her shoes, and knows how to give them the proper respect they deserve.

For me, well, my entire closet (including possibly my clothes) amount to two pairs of Mariah’s shoes.  Nonetheless, I would love to have a place to display all my shoes, instead of piling them on the bottom shelf of my cupboard.

In all honesty – I try to start off neat, but somehow “the pile” seems to be unavoidable.  So, for the past two years or so, I have been saving the box for each pair of shoes I buy, instead of throwing it away.  I keep my shoes stored in their box, and stack the boxes on top of each other.  This system works so much better than “the pile”, and it has kept my shoes free from “closet damage”.

However, the boxes are all different sizes and it’s not always easy to remember which shoe is in which box, unless they have sketch.  I had once seen a magazine where a girl took photos of all her shoes, and then placed the photo on the box, so she’d know which shoe was in which box.  When she wanted a specific pair of shoes, she could easily find them – GENIUS!

Nowadays, there are really smart inventions that have been created to help us shoe-fanatics, store our shoes and more importantly, find them.  After all, you’re often willing to give up a lot to buy just one tempting pair, so why not take care of them and preserve them for longer?

Seeing is believing

Clear shoe boxes are a fabulous way to store your shoes.  This one (right) is a design from a company called The Clear Box.  They make clear boxes in a variety of sizes and even include boxes for storing knee-high and mid-calf boots.

They are sold in packs, and for a five pack of Ladies clear boxes (like the image to the right), you are looking at R349.00*.  So, that makes it roughly R70* per box.  Not cheap, but a hell of a lot cheaper than Mariah’s closet and worth it to protect your much loved shoes.

Another company here in SA that sells clear boxes for storage is Storage Tech.  They have clear boxes with a drawer.  This system seems to be very clever, that way you don’t have to pull out the whole box from the stack.  You only need to open the drawer to get your shoes out.  For a pack of four Medium sized boxes, you are looking at R210.00*, making them R52.50*per box! BONUS!

What I like about the Storage Tech box, is the steel corners, which will keep your box firmer for longer and personally I love the little ring in the draw, for easy opening.

Both companies have online purchasing facilities, so if you’re sick of searching for the needle in the haystack – then this may be a perfect option for you.

For me, as soon as I can actually save a bit of money instead of spending it all on the shoes, these boxes will be in my closet.

* The prices have been taken off the respected companies website and are correct at the time of article publication.  The prices are displayed for reference only. Please check with supplier for correct prices before buying.

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  1. diva melina
    April 27, 2009 / 4:29 pm

    maraiah and i have alot in common and gurl i love your closet

  2. January 7, 2011 / 1:11 pm

    Game sells Vu Box, 12 boxes for R229 is their value pack price which is just under R20 per box. I keep all my shoes in them!

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