Fab Find Friday: “I’m with Stupid”

It’s not like me to finish a book in less than a week – but there are some books that even I, just can’t put down.  One of these books is my most recent read called “I’m with Stupid” by Elaine Szewczyk.  I loved it so much, that I made it my Fab Find Friday for this week.

Im with Stupid” is a hilarous story about Kas who meets William, a super hot, local park ranger on Safari in South Africa, and ends up having a fling with him.  It’s not like her, but this boy is gorgeous, heroic and kind.  She just cant resist.

Her two best buds, Max (her gay friend who is IMO the most interesting charcter in the book) and Libby compete for Williams’ attention, but Willy only has eyes for Kas.

She returns to the Big Apple and is delighted when she receives and email from William – That is, until she opens it…. And the rest, well you’ll just have to read the book to find out.

You can buy the book right now, from Kalahari.

Here’s a little taste I pulled of the offical website  www.stupidnovel.com

Chapter One

The flight to South Africa is scheduled to depart in approximately two hours. I am at the airport, waiting at the end of a long check-in line, when I see him from across the terminal: a lone police officer, pushing four enormous designer suitcases stacked on a rickety metal luggage cart. The cart’s loose front wheels dart from side to side like the eyes of the village crazy. The cop is wearing a dark blue uniform and matching hat. There is a nightstick hanging from his belt and a shiny badge over his heart. His polished shoes are standard-issue black.

When our eyes lock he removes the nightstick from its holster and begins rapidly swinging it in the air in a circular motion. A mother grabs the back of her young son’s red suspenders and pulls the boy toward her. “Get out of the way, Jimmy!” she screams and shields his head.

I squint at the police officer then glance at my friend Libby, who is sitting beside me. She is perched on her suitcase, wearing sunglasses, her head tilted back like she’s relaxing on a beach of fluorescent lighting. She turns over her piece of watermelon bubble gum, pops a pink bubble, then holds out the pack. “You want some, babe?” she asks in her lulling voice, the auditory equivalent of two NyQuil doses. “I bought a bunch of packs so our ears won’t hurt from the cabin pressure.” I tell her not yet and with my foot absently push her an inch closer to the counter. Just then someone taps me on the shoulder. I turn and flinch. It’s the cop. “How goes it?” he asks. “Ready for our safari?” I do a double take. It’s my friend Max. Um, he’s a personal trainer, not a cop. Libby pulls her sunglasses to midnose. “Why are you dressed like that?” she asks. He frowns at her: “I don’t know, Fonzie. Why are you wearing sunglasses in an airport? You need a job.” It’s true. Libby does need a job. She was laid off a few months ago and hasn’t made progress in finding a new one. I have unemployment check envy. But now’s not the time to discuss that.

Max twirls his nightstick like he’s a Keystone Kop then gently pokes me in the stomach with it. “The reason I’m dressed this way is because I just came from Richard’s apartment building,” he explains.

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