Beautiful bubble?

Truthfully this is a hard trend to pull off, and I bided my time before venturing into bubble territory. I thought bubbles would have a short shelf-life (not many woman can add volume to their hips – Funny that), but they’re sticking around ladies. So how does one do puffy taffeta?

Like this:

and this:

Bubble skirt (Brian Reyes fall 2006)

And definitely not this:

Bubble skirt (Balenciaga fall 2006)

Bubble skirt (Balenciaga fall 2006)

In the first two pictures volume is kept low, so your hips won’t be mistaken for the world’s widest. Very important. When wearing a bubble keep to knee-length, with soft, delicate fabrics (like the silk in the first picture) and solid colours (patterns are a no-go). The fabric of the Balenciaga skirt is too stiff and overly patterned, creating the impression that this skinny model could balance tea on her butt. Wear a belt and cinch in the extra volume at your waist – this will help create some shape. Another good idea if you have a small waist and more booty is to wear a bubble skirt, as skirts define your waist. Wear a simple form-fitting tee with the skirt – volume on top and below is never a good idea. With both dress and skirt bubbles it’s best to wear dark opaque tights and heels, as this will create the illusion of slim, long legs, which brings out the best in the bubble silhouette.

My final recommendation when it comes to the bubble trend is to back yourself. If you’ve decided to wear one, make sure you feel fabulous and comfortable in it, and even if you’ve got it wrong, fake it until you make it!

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Jenny Russell is the founder of Friends with Jenny a fashion store that imports high street finds, but also stays proudly South African with a complement of some of South Africa’s best local talent. To find out more visit her website

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