Meeting the FABULOUS Mr. Chang

dionchang_1YES, I had the honour of shaking the hand of fabulous Mr. Chang (Dion Chang) at the Audi Joburg Fashion Week! For those of you who do not know me, I am a true fan of this man! Ok granted, I went all weak kneed and started shaking uncontrollably when I saw him across the Media lounge.

I went all starry-eyed and forced myself to go and say hello. Upon reaching my destination, I went completely blank and resembled something like those crazy fans meeting their rock star (mental note to self: never to laugh at those poor souls ever again!).

From that very brief and totally blind encounter… I remember that Dion Chang was well dressed (of course) and wearing fabulous shoes (of course). He is well spoken, witty and truly pleasant. He exudes energy of total fabulousness!

Dion Chang is an amazingly fabulous personality and an acclaimed member of the SA Media and Fashion world. As a fashion journalist, he has contributed to various publications including ELLE, GQ, Marie Claire, SL, FHM, Financial Mail, the Mail & Guardian, Property Magazine and The Sunday Times. His famous alter-ego “Gloria” is a great portrayal of a fashionista and is beautifully captured in his book “Gloria’s Guide to Fabulousness”! His brain-child company “Flux” is a trade analysis company which helps to make social commentaries that identify lifestyle trends that affect the way in which we live, work and do business in the 21st century.

He is truly the reason I buy ELLE magazine; I go straight to the back page!

dionchang_2His articles are entertaining, thought provoking, witty, humours and yet poignantly composed. I marvel at his ability to highlight the nuances of our social environment coupled with a critique which is often much needed.

I am touched by his appreciation of the simple pleasures in life. For example, human interactions coupled with search for ulterior means of satisfaction and traditions. He loves travelling, yet he is a true SA public figure and has maintained his identity. He has the guts to make a statement (we all remember his public criticism of Gavin Rajah in 2007). He respects individual privacy, and criticizes public displays of poor taste. He calls on his readers to be fabulous in their own right, not through blindly copying the catwalk/magazines. He calls for the people of South Africa to develop their own distinct sense of style and self. It is his direct, often mean and yet devastatingly accurate observations that leave me hanging until his next month’s column.

Maybe one day, I will meet him again and that time I will be able to converse with him in the witty and charming manner he must be accustomed to, until then I am still filled with glee and jubilation of knowing this is not a fictional character but a real man with real talent serving this great country!

Dion Chang accolades can be viewed here.

Check out his website for more info on the man himself and his trend setting services

Evegenia Poplett

Evegenia Poplett is a wedding planner and fabulous mother of three. Shes smart, sexy and stylish and is an inspiration to all women who’ve been in the labour room! Being a mom is no excuse to be unfabulous!

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