Shades of grey


Most people are put off the colour grey because it reminds them of their school uniform. But really and truly, grey is this winter’s must have colour, in every tone from dove to dark slate and charcoal. It really is the new black!

There is a shade of grey for everyone, so no need to stick to boring black. Grey is a fantastic backdrop for this season’s emerald hues and stunning neon shades, and because grey is not as harsh as black, it provides a softer and more flattering look.wide-leg-pants

If you have blond hair, pale skin and light eyes, you will look best in the paler shades of grey. Shades such as light grey, dove or pewter teamed with violets, aquas or pinks, will look gorgeous on you.

Those with dark hair and dark eyes should stick to charcoal grey. The deep and rich characteristics of this shade are fantastic when mixed with this season’s lush purples or reds.

If you have dark hair and light eyes, you need to combine your charcoal grey with a lighter or brighter colour. Or try bright red or a deep purple with light grey.

All shades of grey are a must for those with grey, silvery or ash toned hair. Mixed with bright purples, reds, aqua blues or pinks will give a dazzling look!

Red heads will find grey harder to wear, especially if you have hazel eyes and freckly skin to boot. Try medium to charcoal greys and combine with the striking autumnal colours of rust and terracotta.


Grey is mostly a daytime colour, except when it’s a beautiful silvery satin. It is a good alternative to black.

When wearing grey, remember that the second strongest colour in your outfit should be tonal, not too contrasting. Brighter colours can be added in smaller amounts.

A lot of people ruin grey with black accessories. Contrasting colours look best – for day, choose chocolate brown shoes or boot and at night, high-heeled shocking pink or red court shoes. Grey can be extremely playful, less harsh than black, and really striking with splashes of bights!

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* Top Image, Alexander McQueen runway.  Grey jumpsuit, Stella McCartney


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