Beauty Scoop – MAC Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask

The second really cool product featured in today’s Double Beauty Scoop, is the brand new Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask from MAC, which launches officially in October 2009.


Out of all the masks I’ve tried, I really enjoyed this one.  It’s the most fun your can have in your bathroom, painting your face pitch black.  But even better than that, this product will have your skin feeling sensational, straight away!  The Volcanic Ash is also available in an exfoliator (which I haven’t tried yet) and is part of MAC’s new Style Black collection.  This collection also includes a variety of very sexy, black magic products for eyes, lips, nails and face!

But, let me tell you more about this product for now…

After cleansing your face, and with warm, moist hands apply a small amount of the product and smooth it evenly on your face.  Remember to avoid the lips and eye area.  This formula heats when it is mixed with water, so you get a nice, comforting feeling while your relax.  Leave it on for up to five minutes.  During this time, the product is working on your face to remove impurities from the skin.

The mask actually contains real, natural volcanic ash that cleans the skin without scratching or irritating it.  My skin is fairly sensitive, and I had no problems using this product on my face.  Removing it was easier than I had thought, because although the product is very rich, dark black, it washes off nice and easily with warm water.

The great thing about the Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask, is that my skin didn’t feel dry and irritated after use.  In fact, it felt quite revitalized and refreshed.  And yes, it did a great job cleansing and purifying too.  The best part though, was calling my husband into the bathroom to give him a little stylish, black fright 🙂

Dimi Ingle

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