The Fearless Fashionista’s guide to layering

When I started taking pictures of myself for my first blog,  I came to the realization that I tend to layer my outfits all the time.  Everyone has their own signature look, my friends all call me the “Queen of layering”. Aside from my rock chic style, layering different garments comes very naturally to me.

It’s a style that is so trendy, but to be honest the reason why I layer my clothing is because I often feel cold. If I don’t wear layers, I get cold even in summer and that’s the real reason why I have become a expert on layering!

I receive emails almost every day from girls enquiring about how I layer my clothing, so I thought that I would share a few of my tips.  Below are four different outfits I have worn and photographed for my blog with tips on what I have learnt about layering.

An easy way of layering is to wear a plain white top with an unbuttoned shirt over it and finish it off with a denim waistcoat or jacket. It will work as long as you keep the bottom half simple like in the picture below.  Here I am wearing plain purple skinnies.


I love to wear lots of colours and patterns, as well as mix the two together. A simple way of doing this, is to wear a floral or check top in a bright colour, with a plain coloured shirt over it. Then you add either a bright jacket or fur coat over the shirt. By doing it this way you mix the patterns together, keeping it simple and not busy because you break it by wearing the plain shirt.


I also love to layer the bottom half , but if you do this, keep your top half simple. Here I wore stockings with over-the-knee socks and boots. By keeping the top half simple and wearing a grey coat on its own, it works.


Another way of layering is to wear a hat and layer jerseys and wool in similar colours together. In the below picture I wore a trilby hat, a black ¾ top, a white ¾ lace dress and a gray cardigan. I added a huge woolen snood, which not only keeps me warm, but by combining the snood with my outfit it just gives it that quirky and trendy look.



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