Grrrunge Power

grunge-cobain Fashion always repeats itself and some say running in cycles of about 20 years.  Judging from the Spring Summer 2009 catwalks, this is absolutely on the money. Along with strong references to the 80’s, the early nineties are back in the limelight, but fear not! It’s not as awful as it sounds!

The great thing about fashion repeating itself is that we have (hopefully) learnt from our mistakes, and an era gets edited and reworked into wearable and, dare I say it, covetable styles. Along with neon and animal print, grunge was heavily represented. Think Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, Courtney Love and Hole, and Pearl Jam – casual, nonchalant, crumbled and a little dirty.


Modern grunge is a little more refined, a little more structured.  More of a ‘lux-grunge’ rather than the grunge of old.Think soft layers a la Agyness Deyn – tomboy mixed with tie-dye and hoodies.

Denim is still big news (distressed and washed out), but it’s not as baggy as we saw and wore in the 90’s. Over-sized tees and jerseys, as well as the quintessential 90’s check shirt are all back in vogue, although this time the look is high-heeled and feminised.

Grunge is luckily very easy to recreate, perfect for those days when sleek hair and perfect make-up are just too much effort. Grunge is dressing down, and luckily when you dress down this season you’ll actually be bang on trend!

Ditch the power suit and instead don denim shorts and a check shirt with bed-hair and slightly smudged eye-liner! It’s a look I love!

grunge-moss-2At heart I am a rock chick, desperate to slip into wellies and get myself to Glastonbury, a veritable paradise of grunginess! Wellington boots may not be in your work wardrobe, but to get the grunge style, look no further than black biker jackets, military (aka tough) boots, tie-dye and bleached denim. Some All Star sneakers dressing down a cute summer dress would not go amiss either!

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Jenny Russell is the founder of Friends with Jenny a fashion store that imports high street finds, but also stays proudly South African with a complement of some of South Africa’s best local talent. To find out more visit her website

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