Different era, different celeb but fashion is forever

Celebs come and go, but one thing we can be sure of is that fashion is forever. There is no denying that history repeats itself in the eyes of fashion. So, perhaps we all looking in the wrong place for what the new up and coming trends might be?  What if I tell you that the key to a stylish look is, dare I say it… in history books? Thanks to celebrity trend setters certain key items in your closet at this very moment are just keepers, you just never know when it will return as the “newest” must have item. (I mean seriously they were wearing wayfarer sunglasses in the first Grease movie!)

CELEB-OBSESSED has you covered –  5 essential fashion items that have stood the test of time at your service. Don’t say I did not warn you, I mean I’m all for cleaning out your closet, but for the love of fashion do so wisely!

  • I’m always on the lookout for a new fashion icon but soldiers would not be my first choice. I will however give credit where it is due as these modern day warriors were the first to wear the ultra cool leather bomber jacket during the Second World War. It must have made quite an impact because it has been seen on the most stylish of celebs, form Sienna Miller (wearing it on the high street in London) to Hayden Panettiere.

cob_haydenPic credit: All That’s Fabulous

  • This fashion invention first appeared in the 60’s, then made a major comeback and (don’t we all love a comeback?) in the 80’s and is still very much around today. The Baby-Doll dress is a dress that anybody can wear as it is ultra forgiving and so girly. It is cinched at the waist, which is very flattering and is really such a classic. A must have in any closet; I like to think of it as a secret little weapon us girls have. It seems the cobcobeautiful Jessica Biel agrees with me but puts an ultra glam look to the classic Baby-Doll dress.


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  • The platform shoe has left its shoe print in past decades, but be honest, when I say platform shoes you probably immediately think disco balls and Saturday Night Fever? Right? Thankfully this type of shoe has come a long way since polyester bell bottoms. Adored by Kim Kardashian and her sisters. Most importantly let’s not forget the best part, it is so much more comfy to wear a platform or a wedge instead of those needle thin stilettos.
  • A trend that is huge on SA shores but has also been around for decades. The skinny jean and leggings… Great for winter when you want to be sexy but you just too damn cold to show skin. They so versatile and can be worn with anything. Lindsay Lohan loves them and so should you.


Pic credit – The Insider

  • Lastly a trend,  or should I say a print that has stood the test of time and is seen often in Tinsel Town is animal prints. Please tell me, which woman does not want their fierce side to be expressed once in a while? These wild prints first made its debut in the 60’s but remember less is more. (The plan is not to look like the actual animal!)

So ladies next time when you think that history is just not your thing. Think again I say. Don’t be a hater learn to embrace past generations of fashionistas.

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