The Fearless Fashionista’s guide to one shirt…4 ways

If you follow my blog on Chictopia you will know that there are certain items in my closet that I love and wear them very often, especially if I can wear them differently each time. One of my favourite items at the moment is my check or plaid shirt. It’s great for layering in winter and perfect for summer, when its to hot to wear a cardigan, plus its really versatile.

There are so many ways you can wear the shirt with a tank top and here are 4 of my favourite for summer.


1.  You can wear the shirt over a tank top as a jacket.


2.  Tie the shirt around your waist.  This trend was huge in the 90’s and now its making a come back, it looks stunning with a plain tank top.  Add some pearls or something girly, so it does’nt look too grunge.


3.  This is the reverse of the first one and one of my  personal favourite ways to wear a shirt. The cropped top and cropped knot are going to be huge for summer and it looks so chic with a high waisted skirt,pants or shorts. If you want to wear this trend but you don’t want your midriff showing then wear the tank top under the shirt


4. This is a very easy way to make a totally different top out of your shirt. Put the shirt on, buttoned up back to front, don’t put your arms through.  Then take the sleeves and tie them around the front with the collar and secure it, voila, you have a new top.

You do not want to miss my next few scoops as I am working on lots of DIY projects that I can’t wait to show everyone and will be doing  regular features on  people whose style I personally admire.

Till next time….


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