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This week I would like to introduce someone known only to the blogging world as “E. She is part of Chictopia and has a blog called districtofchic. She is a fabulous person and a true style chameleon, which attracts so many visitors to her blog every day. Meet the fabulously sweet fashionista behind districtofchic.

1. What made you want to start a fashion blog?
I burn through fashion magazines at a disturbing pace, because I don’t really read them, I just look at the fashion editorials. I got hooked on fashion blogs when I discovered how many amazing looks and photos there are on the blogsphere, so after a while, I thought I would give it try.

2.How would you describe your style?
All over the place. I see a look on the runway, in a magazine, on the street, and it always inspires me to try something new. I can be preppy, romantic, punk – you name it!

3 .Whose style do you admire ?
Daphne Guinness – She always seems to really enjoy her clothes. It’s not necessarily about trends, but what interests her at the time.

4. Name your 5 all time favourite fashion items?

  • A vintage fur cape that I found on Etsy,
  • my Maison Martin Margiela nail heel booties,
  • these wonderful architecturally-heeled shoes from Topshop,
  • my Chanel purse,
  • and Hermes bangle that my grandmother gave me which I wear all the time

5. What is the best thing you have learnt from having a fashion blog?

I have learnt how many stylish people there are out there! I’ve gained so much inspiration from seeing the personal style of fashion bloggers, that I have learnt to dress for myself and not for other people. It’s so liberating to be happy in what I’m wearing, because I’m wearing pieces that I love.




What I love about E’s blog is you never know what style she is going to wear from one post to the next. The one day you will see her sporting a very classic elegant look, the next day it will be casual and the next she will be rocking the latest rock chic heels or outfit and thats what makes her a fearless fashionista!



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