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This week, I would like to introduce you to Lisa from the fabulous blog Leeselooks . Lisa a former Chictopian who started her blog in July 2008 and has been featured in so many different blogs and websites like Voguekorea, Chicissimo, Lemondrop, Dirtyglamoct2008, and more.

Lisa not only has really amazing style, but she has a huge heart too; she supports a charity called Invisible Children and she always has a kind word for everyone on their blogs.

1. What made you want to start your own blog?

I simply stumbled upon the blogosphere on a rainy day in Cape Town. I was instantly hooked. Fashion has always been my passion, so I dove right in and started my own. A place that I could call my own, express my thoughts, style and everyday musings.

2 How would you describe your style?

Honestly, a mix of everything. But to sum it up in a few words – equal parts- feminine + masculine with a sprinkle of simplicity and edge.

3. Whose style do you admire?

Other bloggers, fashion editors, models, celebrities, etc… SO many. To throw some names in there: Diane Kruger, Kate Moss, Rachel Bilson, Giselle Bunchen, Carine Rotfeild ( editor of paris Vogue).

4. Name your 5 favourite fashion items?

  • Leather biker jacket
  • Tortoise RayBan’s
  • My plethora of scarfs
  • Marni heels
  • Miu Miu + Prada bags

5. What is the best thing you have learnt from having a fashion blog?

That we all have something unique to offer, and the creativity + passion that other bloggers possess is truly inspiring. We are all striving for something, and to be supported and loved along the way, is a true blessing.

Lisa is a very stylish, passionate and humble fashion blogger as you see by her interview and always tries to bring awareness to very important issues on her blog which definitely makes her one of the Fearless Fashionistas!





You can see more of Lisa and her fabulous style on Leeselooks


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