Dare to wear celebs’ extreme looks?

Have you noticed lately that celebs, especially singers, seem to be wearing less and less? Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Beyonce are prime examples of the leotard and bondage-inspired-outfit brigade. But how does this look translate into everyday wear? And can it?leotardWell, I’m unlikely to step out of the house in a leotard (hell, I’m unlikely to own a leotard), but I think there is something to be taken from these ladies’ OTT styles.

Rihanna has been sporting a lot of bondage looks of late. Bodysuits and cut-out details that leave little to the imagination. Bodysuits convert to everyday attire with skirts and heels, while glitzy leotards (a la Beyonce) are best teamed with jeans to take them down a notch. This look is so late ‘80s early ‘90s.

leotard 2

Lady Gaga loves exposing her underwear and wearing underwear as outerwear. This is probably the easiest look to take everyday though, but you’ll still have to be a little daring. Pair sheer fabrics (like mesh and lace) over pretty undies (preferably full ones, aka ‘granny panties’), or opt for cut out details that expose a bit, but not too much. It’s sexy and dramatic, but you won’t feel too overexposed. briefs

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