Cape Town concert style part 2

Admittedly men do not have the wardrobe options that women do, but I was impressed by the Cape Town boys’ style savvy concert attire. Dressing to impress at The Killers!

Most of the guys broke out the sneakers, but there were some who braved their toes been stamped on and wore their trusty Havaiannas

killers 14

killers 24

Retro aviator and 80’s sunnies were definitely the name of the style game!

killers 27

killers 22

killers 11

The Cape Town guys were really into their hats – trilbies and the like. Really a look to love!

killers 13

killers 12

And then of course there were those (lots of them!) who choose not to wear very much at all…shocking, really shocking!  So glad I had my camera on hand to document the state of undress! 😉

killers 19

killers 21

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