New year new you?

I’m not a new year’s resolution kind of girl. Promises spurred on by the change of calendars have never struck me as very sustainable.  

Koh Tao

“No more sweets, no more chocolate, no more wine and gym six times a week” are the kind of things that for me are completely untenable!

I do find though that a new year is a great reflection platform, and usually things slow down enough for us to have time for a little pondering, goal setting and gear changing.  Thailand was the perfect place for that, and I will say that I really battled to get on my homeward bound flight (some photos just to make you envious)!  I managed to avoid scooter accidents (a scarily common phenomenon), mosquito bites, tummy bugs, sunburn and

Koh Lanta

dehydration, and instead came home with a (safe) sun-kissed look, a happy disposition and make-up free skin.  (Oh, a tropical disease, but I’ll spare you the details!).

I applied my mind to my goals for Friends with Jenny this year, bearing in mind the clichéd ‘you can’t expect different results if you keep doing the same old things over and over’.  I also thought about my personal style and beauty goals for 2010, and here are some of them

  • Minimum SPF30 everyday on my face and exposed body parts
  • Bitten nails are not a good look, and I need to kick the unsightly habit once and for all
  • The body is quite a phenomenal machine, so I will endeavour to remember that when I ply it with alcohol and sugar, push it to hard into koeksister shapes in yoga, and give it dirty looks in the mirror
  • Asking the question “really?  Do I really need this?” whenever I see shoes/jeans/jewellery/miscellaneous pretty items that I “HAVE TO HAVE”. 
  • Wardrobe exploring.  My cupboard is full to bursting and so I usually stick to clothes at the front and those most easily assessable, forgetting clean about all the other lovelies crumpled in the back.  The same goes for jewels I have stored in boxes all over the show!
  • I think this should be on everyone’s to-do list, no matter how style-savvy you think you are: wear colour (and lots of it…goodbye black!) and try shapes and styles you’ve never that you could and that “just aren’t me”.  Enlist the help of a honest friend and open your mind to the possibilities of something entirely different
  • Finally, relish in the purely South Africa delights of 2010 soccer fever (AYOBA!), long summers, short winters and proudly South African fashion!  Oh, and pasta and fresh, hot bread!

Here’s to 2010!



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Jenny Russell is the founder of Friends with Jenny a fashion store that imports high street finds, but also stays proudly South African with a complement of some of South Africa’s best local talent. To find out more visit her website

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