Man of the Cloth’s Top 10 in 2010

Style, once you’ve acquired it, is a marvelous thing. If there is anything that a stylish man has learned, it’s that money cannot make the man stylish. Style is about attitude and confidence. Being able to successfully decorate ones life with the frills that accompany his lifestyle, well now that just makes him talented.

In 2010 there are many things to be excited about, especially with the World Cup around the corner. For those savvy men about town, I have compiled a list of the top 10 must-haves for 2010:

#10 –  La Nuit de L’Homme Yves Saint Laurent After Shave Lotion

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A combination of freshness, tone and comfort. The after-shave lotion subtly scents the skin and leaves a protective film for a soothing, soft feeling after shaving.

#9- Fossil Aviator sunglasses

Made popular by the movie ‘The Hangover’ in-which a pair of Persol sunglasses were worn by a certain bearded lead character, this style was created quite similarly by Fossil. The rounded shape suits many-a-face and is becoming a fast contender in popularity.

#8 – Blackberry/iPhone

What’s it gonna be? These days the cell phone industry can virtually be cut into two sides and the debate is strong. The truth is no other phones can compete, and boy have they tried. With instant email and web browsing these smart-phones bring technology and business wherever you go. Perfect for the workaholic.

#7 – Shearling Aviator jacket

With Everything in fashion making a comeback, it’s no wonder this marvelous jacket has flown back into style once more. Get on this early guys!

#6 – Paul Smith ‘Naked Lady’ Credit Card Holder

Coins are so passé. It’s all about cards these days with this trendy seasonal card holder from Paul Smith.

#5The Folio Sleeve

Dries Van Noten Clutch

Mulberry Drew Sleeve

Seen on the arms of men at Fashion week both in shows and at the shows, the folio/clutch/sleeve is the newest option for man-bags. The design is thin and professional and allows space for all your gadgets too.

#4 – The Desert Boot

Clarks Desert Boots

Originally designed for the war and excessive walking, the desert boot has now made it’s debut into the fashion world. Except now perhaps you’re just walking around a mall…

#3- Tag Heuer Carrera – Automatic Chronograph Day-Date (CV2A10.FC6235)

Powered by Swiss Movement this is the best selling luxury watch from watch giants Tag Heuer… and it’s waterproof!

#2 – Honda FC Sport

Built as a design study, the FC Sport demonstrates Honda’s vision for making environmentally responsible vehicles that are also fun to drive. The “FC” stands for “Fuel Cell” as in hydrogen fuel cell—the same technology powering the FCX Clarity. With a 3-seat, driver-centered cockpit, a fuel cell powerplant opens the door for unprecedented engineering flexibility, allowing for a lower center gravity than any modern, piston-engined sports car. The FC Sport is symbolic of a future in which alternative fuel and zero emissions will rule the sports car world.

#1 – The iPad

The tablet-style iPad computer represents a whole new category of consumer-electronic devices, ideal for watching videos, surfing the Web and reading electronic books. A large iPhone or a fantastic advancing in technology? You decide.

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