The Fearleass Fashionista presents Wildasamink

This week I would like to introduce you to Nickie from the lovely blog Wild as a Mink . She’s a NYC fashion designer and blogger who quotes street style as her main inspiration for her designs and creating her fabulous every day outfits.

Her blog is not only filled with inspirational outfit posts, but you get to see all the exciting areas of NY as well as all the fabulous things she does in her every day life, meet Nickie…

1. Who or what inspired you to start your own blog?

It wasn’t one particular person that inspired me to start blogging, more so it was my interest in street-style, individual personal style and how everyday people go about choosing what to wear each day.

I started reading blogs like these and I thought it was a perfect activity for me to involve myself in.

Living in NY, I felt I was surrounded by the perfect environment to start up a blog of my own – I had/have a lot more exposure to exciting social activities, I had pretty much any level of fashion available to me if my wallet could afford it  and overall, I felt I could be somewhat inspiring to others in my choice of fashion-just as so many others’ street style was inspiring to me.

So I can’t say it was anyone in particular that inspired me, but an accumulation of my interest in creative fashion choices, where I live and the fact that I work in the fashion industry and the thought that maybe someone would find my style intriguing.

2. How would you describe your style?

My style is an everyday mash-up of the “Old and New” and  I always accessorize with an undertone of Rock n Roll… I like to mix vintage pieces; whether its a dress, accessories or a clutch, with my new pieces; usually something currently in trend. My shoes are almost never practical, but my overall style is very practical for the everyday girl on the go.

3. Who inspires you fashion wise?

This goes back to who inspired my fashion blog – I’d have to say my biggest influence fashion wise is everyday people on the street. I’m HUGE fan of street style, I love that everyone has a unique take on fashion, especially on the streets of NYC. Just seeing how someone puts together an outfit, is enough to inspire me to trying something similar.

Ever since joining the blog world, I’ve found many bloggers who’s style I LOVE, and I find myself being inspired by their outfits nearly every time I go shopping. When I purchase something, I almost always think of some blogger I know and how I could really see them wearing this or that.

This was not the case just a year ago. I didn’t even know such a thing existed, so I took most of my inspiration from magazines like Nylon or Missbehave at the time. But, I can honestly say I’m soooooooo happy to have found blogging; the people on there are the most uniquely fashionable people around. It’s truly a great place to be inspired when you feel your closet is lacking.

But whomever inspires me I can tell you truthfully, I don’t take much inspiration from the big designers. While I appreciate their craft (and I’m a fashion designer myself), this is not where I go to get inspiration….seriously, its the streets of everyday society that intrigues me. I suppose I like seeing how people interpret the trends on the runway, more so than seeing those trends exactly as they’re presented to us by the designers.

4. What are your 5 favourite fashion items and why?

  1. BOOTS!
    I could not exist without my boots any boots will do, just boots. I don’t feel like myself if I wear other shoes, boots are my go-to shoe of choice
  2. Skinny Jeans
    I can’t even imagine life before skinnies – I feel so odd in any other type of jean. Skinny Jeans are a major part of my signature style.
  3. My Vintage Dress collection
    Wearing one of my vintage dresses immediately transports me back in time. I get the feeling of playing dress-up and I always tend to ponder the woman who owned the dress before me; what she did, where she went in the frock and who she was.

    I think when wearing a vintage dress, I definitely try to channel a little bit of the previous owner…but overall, my vintage dresses let me escape into a bit of a fantasy land, which sometimes fantasy is very much a welcome escape from reality in my world 🙂

  4. MAKE-UP
    As of the age of 13, I could count on one hand the number of times I left the house without putting at least something on my face. I live for make-up, its so much fun!

    I love all the possibilities and moods you can create…whether its a simple swipe of gloss, or heavy smokey eyes; this is one part of my fashion routine I adore!

  5. My Makowsky Beige Leather Bag
    It goes perfectly with 90% of my wardrobe! It’s big enough to carry my entire life with me, yet its not overpowering in size. It’s the softest buttery leather, the perfect slouchy silhouette and I’ve worn it in to the point of perfection.

    I doubt I’ll ever find a bag this perfect for me again, well until I can convince my boyfriend to buy me an IT bag! hahahaha.

5. Describe a typical day in your life?

Monday through to Friday my life revolves around work. I get up at 7am, find myself scrambling to put myself together in time to get to work by 9am. I leave work around 6:30-7pm at that time I either run errands around the city, meet up with a friend for dinner or head home to hang out with my boyfriend and watch some TV.

I also squeeze in 1-3 hours almost daily of “blog-time”, whether that means posting on my own blog, reading others’ blogs, checking out style sites etc.

On the weekends, I like to sleep in until about 10-11am. I take things slow, trying not to make any real plans so that I don’t have to abide by a schedule of any sort.  I spend a LOT of time getting ready if I do go someplace – the weekends are my time to take chances fashion-wise; so sometimes the mixing and matching of that means spending a little more quality time on myself to make sure the outfit comes out just right.

I usually get out of my house around 2-3pm in the afternoon and I find myself wandering around my neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY peeking into boutiques, stopping for cocktails, checking out flea markets, etc….usually by about 7pm I’m meeting up with friends for dinner (if I hadn’t already met up with them at some point in the afternoon) and the night continues from there.

Saturday nights usually consist of beers, good conversation, a jukebox, and an impromptu dance party I’ve usually artfully masterminded by said jukebox  and then its’ bedtime…

6. Do people recognize you from your blog?

So far, no although that would be a pretty rad day if it ever happens.

7. What is your number one style tip?

Wear what you like, if you like it the you will  be confident and confidence is the key to pulling off any look.

Don’t wear a trend if its not YOU!  Believe me if its not you, then chances are it will easily come across to others that you’re trying too hard.  (I KNOW! haha)

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

In 5 years I see myself still doing what I do now…I’ll still be a fashion designer, probably still living in NYC. Ideally I’d like to be married, owning my own home, living in Brooklyn with 2 dogs 🙂 I would also like to open my own little boutique–I’d like to have a place offering local designers’ items (myself being one of them) as well as vintage items. I want it to be a cool laid back place where people come to hang out and just shoot the breeze with me as well as buy the occasional item I want to offer a familiar, neighborhood-vibe to the place.  If this all will happen, I don’t know, right now thought I am  fine with the way things are looking.

9. How do you find a balance between blogging and your every day life?

Whenever blogging seems to be taking over my life, as in my bills are piling up, I haven’t spent quality time with my boyfriend or I’m falling behind on other aspects of life…I simply make myself take a night off from blogging.  Sometimes blogging just becomes way too time consuming.   I tell myself  its good for your health, your relationships and your life to take a step back for a day or two until you catch up on things.

My blog isn’t going anywhere, it will still be there tomorrow if I choose not to blog tonight and if I lose a reader or two because I don’t find time to blog every single day, so be it.  I just figure those people have more free time than I do and they just simply don’t understand that spending 4-5 nights a week on my blog is already time consuming enough.

Sometimes, its as simple as reminding myself life continues outside of the blog world and a lot of times the things going on in my REAL world are much more important than an outfit I wore and wanted to post in the world known as cyberspace.

Overall its just remembering I’ve got real responsibilities to take care of and they cannot fall to the wayside because of my blog.It’s just about keeping a level head and remembering what’s more important–the blog or my adult responsibilities at any given time.

Basically prioritizing and time management skills come in handy.

10. What advice would you give to aspiring bloggers?

Just be yourself.

Write about what you love, write in your own voice, and don’t try to be anyone else.

If you’re passionate about what you blog about, people will pick up on that and want to read what you have to say.

Stick with it if  you’re looking to achieve an audience…a large readership doesn’t happen over night,but the

more honest your voice is and the less like someone else’s is then people will find it refreshing and they will start to join in–you’ll see your audience grow.

Mainly, just write for yourself.

Don’t worry about what others will think, who will like it, or who it may offend, after all, its YOUR blog, so do what you want-as long as you can really stand behind it.

Nickie really gives good advice on blogging, she mixes trends with patterns whilst still maintaining her  every day rock chick style and that definitely makes her one of The Fearless Fashionistas!

You can see more of Nickie on her blog; wildasamink, Chicisimo, Weardobe, CHictopia, Streetstyle


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