Cape Town Fashion Week: Men’s Picks

A whirlwind of a weekend. Hundreds of fashionista’s and fashionisto’s alike flocked to the CTICC on Friday for the commencing of Cape Town Fashion Week. There was posing, and the nervous approaching of ¬†fan to Editor or T.V personality and trust me, Faux-pas a plenty. FW brings out the admirers and then also the people who truly believe they are above it all, without any credibility, which is amusing.

The shows ran smoothly except for the odd sound glitch but overall it was a very successful showing for the season. Some of the shows (Viyella, Stefania Morland, Craig Native) stepped up with theatrics giving the audience something to remember. In the case of Morland, even more so since she gave away baby-tree’s to the first five rows.


David West with his checkerboard inspired short sleeve shirt got me making my shopping list. I love the styling as it suits the model, however I would roll up the sleeves a little personally. I have my eye on those shorts too!


Tonally, this is a very pleasing combination. It some how makes me think P Diddy, or Craig Port for that matter is about to have a party. Great structure and very subtle in the detail, which I believe makes the look.


My favorite show by a mile was Viyella. Perhaps it was just really good styling but it evoked the essence of some Italian street walker going somewhere important. Their pastel section was fantastic and up close the materials were carefully dyed, starched or woven. This is one to watch.


Street-style designer Craig Native played with tie-dye/acid wash denim shirts and jeans which was my personal favorite to his show. I can definitely see this being a hit.

Marco Riekstins

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