Messy bed, messy head!

New Years Day, Ramadaan and Spring. These are just some of the events that mark the start of a new beginning. Sometimes work and life get’s the better of us and we find ourselves in need of a change mid-year. This is good, in fact I encourage it.There’s a term you may not be familiar with; Messy Bed, Messy Head. My mother used this on me in my teen years if my grades were down and rendering this (closet clutter) should affect your situation for the better.

1. Start with a solid tidying of the space. Consider it your canvas to start fresh.

2. Work from one section to the next i.e shoes or knitwear.

3. Place the items of clothing or accessories on your bed in neat piles. Try everything on to determine if it still fits you and your style. If you haven’t worn it in a year you are less likely to wear it again. Keep staples like good jackets and shoes. These often come back into style.

4.  Divide the contents of your closet into 4 piles:

  • SEASONAL: Winter items can be stored away so that you have less clutter and ultimately a less intimidating wardrobe.
  • DONATE: The less fortunate can always do with clothing and your soul can always do with a little giving!
  • THROW AWAY: If it has holes in it, stains or is vastly out of date consider doing everyone a favor by tossing those Tie-dye bad boys out.
  • RELOCATE: Sometimes the most arbitrary items find their way into your cupboard, these will need to returned or discarded.In doing so you should also be grouping the items that belong together. Fragrances, underwear etc.

5. Clean your cupboard space. At this point it should be empty and divided. As a tip I like to wipe a small amount of fabric softner in and around your cupbard to give it a fresh smell.

6. When you return the items to your closet, try give it order. Items you don’t wear as often can go in the harder to reach shelves.

7. Fold all items again. For T-shirts I use an A4 book/board and place it on the back just under the collar and fold the sides in and the bottom up. Once you are used to this you won’t go back to hurried folds again because it looks fantastic!

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8. If you are able to, purchase good wooden hangers from a Boardmans, @Home or local equivalent and finally toss out all those unsightly mis-matched plastic hangers.

9. Line your shoes neatly or if you’re like me keep them piled in the boxes they came in. Shoe horns are more ideal but not always possible when you have a lot of shoes. I should know.

10. Feel lighter!

Marco Riekstins

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