The clog debate

Sometimes, there’s the resurgence of a trend that gets everyone talking. Some leap excitedly to the back of their cupboard to pull out a much-loved, hoarded item that’s been gathering dust, waiting for its time to shine. Others shudder and loudly claim they’ll NEVER go there…

Topshop clogs

The return of the wooden soled clog seems to have got that reaction. After seeing them at the spring summer 2010 Chanel Paris show, we innocently tweeted about their return and received a barrage of horrified replies. Most of them went something like, “What, NOOOOO.” Then we went to Cape Town Fashion Week. Sitting cosily in the front row we found that our eyes were drawn to the footwear first. It’s often a neglected part of a runway ensemble, we noticed… however, this Cape Town Fashion Week we noticed a lot of clogs and again, tweeted about it, as you do. Again people weren’t sure, but slightly more accepting.

If Alexa Chung's doing it... we'll reconsider

The Woolworths show had their models in heeled wooden clogs that totally transformed our previously unconvinced opinion. We weren’t keen, we knew we’d eventually cave, but we weren’t keen. However, these gorgeous, heeled versions in black and tan finally helped us on to the clog wagon.

These Aldo clogs are slowly winning us over

They’re incredibly versatile. You can wear them with skinnies, boyfriend jeans, summer dresses and ankle socks, even shorts. The thing we love about them is that the heeled versions have all the benefits of wearing heels but because they’re so informal, you don’t ever feel overdressed and living in Cape Town we have a phobia of being overdressed.

Mary-Kate Olsen looking effortlessly cool (in clogs!)

Avoid looking like a little yodelling Heidi by staying away from anything that resembles what we wore in those dark days in the mid to late 90s. Then, a chunky, unfeminine clod hopper was hideously visible, giving a thin, elegant leg the golf club effect. Let’s not go back there. However, we’re all for lean, heeled clogs though and after much deliberation and the turning up of noses we’ve decided we want some. This summer is the summer of the clog.

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Liza West & Emily Pettit-Coetzee (I Heart Your Outfit)
Liza West & Emily Pettit-Coetzee (I Heart Your Outfit)

Liza West and Emily Pettit-Coetzee were schooled in the local fashion magazine industry. Words are their business and together they have their own copywriting firm, Copy Ink. Click above to view their fun fashion blog, i heart your outfit

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