It IS all about the shoes

I love shoes! I love clothes, I love bags, I love makeup – heck I LOVE IT ALL! But, I really, really love shoes.

Most people I know wouldn’t dare dream of buying shoes online. A few months ago, neither would I. What if they don’t fit? What if they don’t look good? What if, What if? That was until I met these gorgeous babies after discovering the ease of online shopping at

Besides being slashed from £80 (about R900) to £40 (about R450), I had to have them in my closet, and more importantly, on my feet and after a long wait and hefty fee (thank you Customs!), I got them!

The verdict. I love them! The little dotted detail make them the perfect shoe for jeans! They’re also nude, so they make my otherwise not-so-long-and-not-so skinny legs seems so much longer.

I can’t lie and tell you all they are super comfortable, coz they certainly aren’t – but they look good, and Im hoping that the leather (yes they are leather) will soften up a little and I can walk in a little more than a mile.

Dimi Ingle

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