The Fearless Fashionista’s Closet-Room makeover

Last year I posted pictures of my closet room. Well since then I have moved into a new place with an even bigger room, its twice the size which means way more space!

I am in the process of decorating and organising my new closet room, below are pictures of half of my closet room, its only one wall and this is what it looks like now…. but after living in it for a month and I am going to redo it.

I have another wall where I will put more shelves and a cupboard which needs to be neatened up.

I have so much more stuff that just lying around so I cannot wait to get more shelves.

Below are the before pictures…. stay tuned for a post coming soon with the after pictures, I plan on making my closet room really stylish.

Once everything has been re-done I will take better pictures  of all the details etc.


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