Scents of the Season: Thierry Mugler Womanity

As I write this, it doesn’t quite seem like the perfect Spring day in Durban. Its raining, dark and miserable, which makes it somewhat hard to believe that summer is on the way! And while you probably can’t wear bikinis and don tanned legs just yet, you certainly can get in the summer mood with today’s Spring Scent – Womanity from Thierry Mugler.

It’s the scent of a fabulous woman, a tribute to all the gorgeous ladies around the world! And if you love Thierry Muglers Alien, you’ll fall in love with Womanity too!

It’s feminine yet strong, sweet yet sexy and is ideal for a sizzling South African summers’ night. Think beach-bar cocktail parties, Pinna Collada’s and coconuts. The bottle might I add, is absolutely gorgeous too! Its drama all round – On one side a sculpted face looks out, while the opposite side features a chain that links to the lid which has a gorgeous engraved ring.

The scent is sweet and fruity with a hint of coconut and features the signature “Mugler Spice” undertones. When you smell Womanity, you know its Thierry Mugler. Like its sisters Angel and Alien, Womanity offers a long lasting scent that lingers all day.

Like I mentioned this fragrance is new, brand new in fact and launches nationwide in South Africa this Monday the 20th September 2010. It comes in four sizes, all four Eau de Perfum and retails from R1095 (for the 80ml Refillable EDP) to R595 (for the 30ml Refillable EDP). The Refill is available in a 50ml EDP and is set to retail at R595 making it really worth while, and the gorgeous bottle will never go to waste.

The fragrance is also marketed around a world wide “social-networking” campaign – It was created by Mugler to join today’s lifestyle trends of networking, diversity and cultural blending of women, as well as the energy and the creative force that they carry within them. He says “The most important is what women learn from each other. That’s the Womanity connection. It’s the transmission, the complicity, the secret involvement.”

A nice way to sum up StyleScoop too, because women love learning from other women and we’re all for it!

Dimi Ingle

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