The denim shorts trend

It’s a denim summer. Denim shirts.  Denim dresses. Denim skirts.  Denim on denim. But one of the easier denim looks is a pair of denim shorts, either bought or the result of cutting up a pair of old jeans.

The shorter the better this season. So that means gym and self-tan for me.  It does not however mean hot pants.  No-one needs to be that well acquainted with your butt cheeks.

The inner white pockets should not stick out the bottom and your short shorts should be worn with thin, slouchy tees, delicate scarves, strappy flats and maybe a cute blazer a la Kate Moss. These shorts are casual, but needn’t be super day-at-the-beach casual, so don’t be afraid to add some jewels like a lovely statement neck-piece or bracelet.

Cuffs are on-trend, so if you’re chopping up your old jeans, leave enough length to roll up a small cuff.

One style must-do: make sure your shorts aren’t tight as well as short.  A looser look is better (and will save on bulgy bits on your thighs).

Images via Style Guide CT, Fashion Style Advice and The Insider.


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