Revamp and renew for our winter ahead

It’s been frosty in Jo’burg the last few days, which makes me want to curl up in something warm. I decided to check out what was happening winter fashion-wise up north and was pleasantly surprised when I visited the Marks and Spencer site.

Now I’ve always been a fan of their food (yoghurt coated cranberries!), socks, tights and undies, but seriously, they’ve really revamped their look! Some really great fashion don’t you think?

Here’s another company that used to be very preppy, but revamped into something very cool: J-Crew.

And of course all this wintry fashion is so perfect for the weather right now!

Jenny xx


Jenny Russell is the founder of Friends with Jenny a fashion store that imports high street finds, but also stays proudly South African with a complement of some of South Africa’s best local talent. To find out more visit her website

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