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We asked the gorgeous Cape Town based professional makeup artist, slash model, slash stylist and of course beauty blogger, Samantha Laura Kaye to tell us what’s on her Summer Lust List this year.

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1) Chanel Mat Lumiere Powder Compact
My favourite find of 2010 this feather-light and oil free foundation which is powder based and delivers a flawless radiant finish. It absorbs oil and sweat on the hottest of summer days and contains light reflecting pigments which minimize flaws and fine lines, making skin appear healthy and flawless without being overly powdery.

The compact makes for extremely convenient and stylish touch-ups and the coverage is build-able allowing for extra cover in the areas you need it most. It contains an SPF 10 (not enough, but any SPF is rare for a powder compact) and feels luxurious and velvety on the skin unlike other powder compacts which can leave the skin feeling dry and chalky.

2) An Aubade Bikini
I fell in love with Aubade lingerie earlier this year and discovered their bikinis shortly afterwards. Whilst nothing beats nude tanning (nobody likes tan lines) every lady needs a bikini that looks amazing on her.

Aubade is a french label who pride themselves on their “art of a proper fit”  and they truly deliver an amazing fit. Aubade create swimwear under umbrella headings, releasing a number of different bottoms and tops for each fabric/theme that they create so you have the freedom to find the bottoms and tops that suit you best. They also release sarongs, wraps and dresses for each theme/fabric so you can rock up at a pool party confident that you look amazing with an outfit congruent to your swimwear and a costume that is stylish, fashionable and flattering.

You can buy Aubade online, or from select stores within South Africa – I buy mine from “Inner Secrets” in Cavendish Square because I love to visit “Roxy” who knows her stuff better than anyone else in the industry.

3) Sun Protection
The more the merrier. Bring on stylish sun-hats, beautiful vintage sunglasses and UVA UVB PA++ sunscreens. I love Riemann P20 which is a 24 hour long waterproof factor 20 protection – great for legs, arms and hands (we tend to wash sunscreen off of our hands within an hour of application). I use Clinique Body Cream SPF50 on my chest, neck and back daily – it is oil free, non greasy and non-comedogenic and offers broad spectrum protection without irritating my easily irritable skin. Suntans are sexy, but the only way to avoid aging sun damage and sun spots is by protecting your skin and building a gradual tan.

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