How to Nail Your Summer Manicure – Nail Trends to Try

Summer is about fun, vibrant use of colour and there’s no better time of year to be bold and extend your fashion flair to your fingertips. Nails are as important an accessory as handbags these days and the easiest way to enhance your look is to decorate your digits with these hot, on trend nail looks.

1. Metallic Magic

Metallic nails are a big hit this season and gold and silver are adorning the nails of most self-respecting fashionistas. This molten metal effect can be achieved in two ways, depending on your budget and the result you are after.

You can opt for chrome or foil nail polishes (like Orly Foil FX) for a cost-effective yet trendy look or go for the real deal – nail wraps. Nail wraps are super-hot right now! Stylescoop readers will know all about Minx and Sheekee nail wraps (but if you are a newbie to these, check out more here). Metallic nail wraps have hit runways everywhere and, whether you want to add extra kick to your wedges or spruce up your summer cocktail look, metallic nails will do the trick.

Lovers of the metallicious look: Katy Perry, Rihanna and Beyoncé

2. Moon Manicures

The ‘moon manicure’ adds a new spin to the French manicure as you paint the crescent to match the tips of your nails.

This trendy look has appeared at a number of major designer shows and is going take fashion-forward fingers into 2011. Try a very wearable metallic gold/navy half-moon.

To achieve this effect, paint a coat of gold foil polish, let it dry and follow with a navy shade, leaving a small half-moon of the gold exposed at the base of the nail. (If you’re feeling really daring, you can try the moon manicure in black and opaque white.)

Lovers of the moon manicure look: Dita Von Teese and Kim Cattrall (as Samantha) in “Sex and the City 2”.

3. Ombre Manicure

“Ombre” literally means “shaded” or “graduated in tone” so this manicure involves shifting shade slightly from nail to nail. The trick with this one is to stick to variations of one shade and not to cover as much of the colour spectrum as possible in one application.

You can DIY this look by choosing a deep shade of teal or turquoise polish (which you are going to dilute), a white polish, five small tubs and toothpicks to mix.

Decant small amounts of your selected summer shade into each of the five containers and add small amounts of the white polish. Do this carefully because you are going to have to gauge whether or not you have added enough white to visibly lighten the shade compared to the previous nail.

Paint the original colour on your thumb and work your way outwards (or vice versa) as you paint each nail a different hue of your first shade.

Lovers of the ombre  look: Gwen Stefani and Lauren Conrad  (“The Hills”)

There are so many playful nail looks to choose from this season. Choose the look that makes you feel your sexiest self and rock your glam nails all summer long.

Tamara Polakow

Tamara Polakow writes Glam Slam , an essential glamor girl’s guide to survival. Join her every Tuesday on StyleScoop as she wades her way through the glamazon jungle, one stiletto at a time.

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