Hair wear

There’s a big movement towards head scarves and turbans this year. I like them. They are very Carrie Bradshaw.

That being said, it’s not an easy look to pull off. I can never quite get a silk scarf tied around my head in quite the right way.  I always look a little funny. I think it’s got to do with my forehead – it’s small.

I have been dabbling in reinvented Alice bands and skinny headbands, and I do like the added drama they give an outfit. It’s a whole new look!

If in doubt though (or you see your nearest and dearest hiding a giggle), tie your scarf around your neck – it’s always chic.

Check out this link for a tutorial on making your scarf into a snazzy turban.

Jenny x

Images via Topshop, IFor1 and Madmoiselle Robot.


Jenny Russell is the founder of Friends with Jenny a fashion store that imports high street finds, but also stays proudly South African with a complement of some of South Africa’s best local talent. To find out more visit her website

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