Oh closet where art thou!?

I can only dream of having a mammoth walk in closet, with endless rows of designer clothes and a sea of red soles. Just so I have a frame of reference for when this actually happens, I took a peek into some of our favourite celebrities’ closets.

Khloe Kardashian's shoe collection

Khloe Kardashian Odom, has a love affair with Christian Louboutin (and so do we all). Her shoe collection is enviable – it’s colour co-ordinated, and this girl is all leopard print and bling!

...Khloe's shoe collection continued

Rock-glam queen Fergie’s walk in closest is also organised by category and colour, and hubbie Josh Duhamel nick-named it ‘Fergieland’. Josh has his own closet of course. Eva Longoria’s closet over a hundred square foot, but it’s not all designer. Eva insists she dresses for comfort – she has over fifty pairs of jeans, and more than one pair of Uggs. Nicky Hilton’s shoe collection is off limits to family and friends, since well, she has rather large feet (size ten and a half!). She organises her clothes by designer, and since the fashion heiress is bffs with most designers, they often invite her into their showrooms to take whatever she likes *sigh*.



Nicky Hilton

And leave it to the diva of all divas Mariah to top all others. She has over a thousand pairs of designer shoes, all of which cannot fit in her climate-controlled closest. Those poor red soles have to go into storage – sacrilege! And in true diva style, the contents of her enormous closet are categorized by colour, type of material and type of event.

Mariah's closet

images via www.elle.com and www.instyle.com

Bronwyn Holmes