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Since moving into our new place, I’ve been obsessing over a lot of new and exciting things. One of these being my all new, all fabulous and all mine CLOSET ROOM! If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen some of the pics and know all about my closet room ramblings, so I thought I’d share it with you now that it’s almost done.

Before I get into it, I just want to say that I’m not posting this room to brag or show off what I’ve got. I just want to give my readers some ideas, as many of you are able to do this in your own home. For others, you may pick up some great tips to help organize your space and make it easier for you to find and store your clothing and accessories.

I’ve been collecting my stuff for years and hold onto absolutely everything. I’m a bit of a hoarder, which can often suck, but in the case of creating a room like this, is quite a bonus. I also take really good care of my stuff, so it tends to last me quite a bit.

Ok, nuff rambling, lets see the closet! But first, here’s the before…


This was the just an ordinary, standard cupboard in my old house and much like the ones most houses have. I had shelves on one side and a double hanging rail next to it. As you can see, I was pretty organized, keeping odd stuff in boxes, storing accessories on ribbon and inside my door (a clever trick I learnt from my friend Angelique) and storing my precious shoes in their boxes at the top of the cupboard – ordinarily used to store junk.

As organised as the above was, I still couldn’t find all my clothes and although it’s all hanging pretty in the picture, five items would somehow find their way onto one hanger, making extremely frustrating to find what I was looking for in a hurry, not to mention damaging my clothes.


We turned one of the spare rooms in our new house into a closet room – husband’s suggestion. Inside I’ve got four self assembled wardrobes that you can install yourself and can customize how you want. I started off with only two and then bought two more as I think they are absolutely AWESOME and they finished off the room nicely. I also worked a dressing table between two of the frames using one of the shelves as the top.

My closet room now serves as a great way for me to display all my stuff in one easy-to-find room instead of stuffing random bits into spare cupboards and vacuum packing the rest to get it out of the way. Also, living in Durban, I cant have a “summer” and “winter” wardrobe as our seasons change day to day here, so I need to have access to both seasonal items 🙂

This is a shot of one “wardrobe”. Each set comes with three shelves (top, middle and bottom) and two mini shelves, which I’ve put outside the frames and where I keep my scarves and belts. On top are my boxed shoes, a rail of shoes in between and my jeans, long sleeved tops and skirts hanging below.


I’ve got shoe racks in between the spaces in each of the four wardrobe frames giving it a boutique feel and filling in the blank space. I guess you could use it for folding clothes, but I prefer to hang more. In the boxes at the top I keep stuff like wooly scarves, floppy hats, flip flops, sandals, flat shoes and slippers, labeled in boxes so that I can find what I’m looking for quickly.

I used one of the smaller shelves as a hanging scarf display. It works perfectly because you can hang the scarves through the rails and take them out easily without going through the lot of them.

I did the same thing with my belts, just underneath. I have an obsession with belts and didn’t even realise I had so many until I saw them here! This idea is perfect for displaying belts that don’t have heavy buckles as they hang nicely on the rails.

For my belts with buckles, I’ve got two of these cute heart hooks I bought from Mr Price Home. They hang on the wall next to my door and make a nice feature too.

I don’t have many sling bags, so I used this space to hang the two that I have, together with my little black purse that I use quite often.

I keep my two pairs of leather boots up here above my shirts and jackets rail. I’ve also got stuff like stockings, bangles and hats stored in these cute boxes I got ages ago. I wish I had bought more.

I keep the bags that I wear the most up on the top shelf of my dresses rail.

I know my hangers are quite mixed at the moment, which is a little annoying as every thing is out on display, but I did buy a few of these hangers which are amazing for hanging stuff like dresses and little shirts with straps. They have a felt finish so the clothes don’t slip off! I think I need to go back and get some more, and they are PINK!

I love these curtains I bought for my room. They are from Boardmans. They are grey and silver which look really nice against the chrome finish wardrobes.

A girl’s gotta have inspiration… I’ve got this notice board on the back of my door with stuff I love and some odd pins and accessories. I need to update it though as I’ve had some of those pics up there for a gazillion years – note the really old Alek Wek Elle SA Mag cover. Still love her look on that cover though!If you want to see it all again and where everything is, check this out…

Here it is again…



I’m sure I’ll probably change the layout around as the seasons change, but apart from that my Closet Room needs a few finishing touches
  1. I definitely need a nice chair for my vanity. Right now I’m using one from our dining room that needs to be re-upholstered as it is.
  2. A nice white shaggy carpet would do the trick, right in the center of the room.
  3. I absolutely MUST have a gorgeous, sparkly chandelier. Crystal would be good!
  4. More shoes to fit on the rack by “nude shoes” – see it’s completely empty on top 😛
  5. A mirror top for my vanity.
  6. Perhaps a damask silver/ grey wallpaper under my vanity as I see that area getting full of scuff marks from my shoes.

Later this week we’re getting our cupboard doors re-done (the real ones), so Im going to add crystal door knobs onto those. I keep my wooly stuff inside the cupboard as it takes up more space.

Well, I hope you enjoyed stepping into my Closet Room and hope that my post inspired you to get organized.

Please post your thoughts, suggestions and ideas below, I’d love to hear what you guys have to say and if you have any tips on what you think would work in my Closet please let me know.



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