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Fit Flop – Mukluk Boots

I’ve been living in these shoes all winter. They are so warm, so comfy and they don’t look like slippers when you have to run to the shop.

By now you should have heard of FitFlop’s, the smart shoes with the Micro Wobble Board technology that tones your legs while you walk! I’ve featured and reviewed all three ranges from the very first Fit Flop sandal, to the cool, supertone Fit Flop kicks and today, I’m telling you about their Mukluk Boots.

These boots are very cool for winter, and the chestnut colour matches pretty much everything. They look great with skinny jeans and a jumper. Or with leggings.

Mukluk boots are traditionally made from reindeer or seal skin and are kinda like Eskimo shoes! Today’s “Mukluk” style boot is not necessarily the traditional one, but could mean any type of soft boot that has been designed to keep you warm and fluffy in winter. These Mukluk boots from FitFlop are made from Deluxe sheepskin (shearling) uppers.

FitFlop Mukluk boots also come in black, chocolate and grey. For more information visit www.fitflop.com or call (021) 510 4428.

Even celebs love their Mukluk Boots

Kate Moss in her Mukluk Boots

Paris Hilton in her Mukluk Boots - Image via coolspotters.com

Dimi Ingle
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