Why I love Travelling with my TUMI

Travelling for beauty launches and events sounds like a lot of fun, and it is, but the actual packing part can sometimes be a nightmare.

I hate having my clothes messed up in suitcases and certain items can end up looking rather ratty. Take for instance, your crisp black jacket. Fold it up in a travel bag and you’re almost guaranteed to get if full of creases. So how do you stop this without carrying it in it’s own suit bag (so not a good look for girls)? Well, I recently travelled with my TUMI Arrivé travel bag for the first time and don’t think I’ll be travelling without it again.

I’ve got the TUMI Arrivé carry-on in Sable, and I recently discovered what makes this bag so dang fabulous.

Let’s start with how gorgeous it looks; loads of zips and pockets, a combination lock and a pop out handle that makes gliding this bag simple and easy. It’s even got a handle that allows you to clip a laptop bag or vanity case onto the bag, so you don’t end up lugging loads of bags. It’s even got it’s own raincoat!

On a recent trip to Cape Town it was raining in Durban (as usual, although today it’s blistering hot and I ain’t complaining:)) , anyway, I had to walk from the longterm parking to the airport building, which is all out doors, so I slipped my little rain coat over my bag. It fits snugly around the bag and clips securely at the bottom. I had to check it in as my bag was loaded with shoes (a girl needs options you know), and left the rain coat on. When I collected it off the rotating belt at the Cape Town airport, my bag got many impressed looks as I removed it’s raincoat and wheeled it out the exit.

My fave thing about this bag is the hidden suit compartment, ideal for jackets and even hanging dresses. Check it out…

The TUMI Arrivé carry on bag comes with an extra belt hook so that you can attach your laptop or vanity case. How fab is that? No more lugging multiple bags around the airport.

The inside flap folds out and has a hook that you can "hang" your favourite jacket and avoid it getting creased.

Adjustable straps ensure your jacket stays in place.

All zipped up and safe from creases.

StyleScoop Editor, Dimi Ingle Travels with TUMI Arrivé

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