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Everyone who reads my blog or follows me on Twitter, knows I’m a sucker for shopping, especially when it comes to shoes and clothes! And while I’m not much of  a bargain hunter – I hate rummaging at sales – I do enjoy shopping online and buying cool stuff that nobody else has. If it’s on sale, well, bonus!

A few of you guys have asked me about my ASOS shopping experience, so I thought I’d do a little blog on it explaining everything. It’s a great eye opener if you’re planning on shopping online at any international fashion outlet. I still shop at ASOS; I love their stuff and think the prices and quality are great. I’m just far more cautious with what I buy, because it can end up being a very expensive little trip online.

When I first discovered ASOS I thought I’d hit the jackpot. That was until I got faced with the reality of shopping from a foreign country. Sadly girls there is no getting around it, so hopefully this post will just make you aware of the process before you go spend your hard earned cash.

When shopping from ASOS or any other online clothing sites outside of South Africa, make sure you add a 40% customs charge to your item – it’s the standard customs fee for importing textiles in South Africa. Add to that a customs admin fee, mine came to R120 and don’t forget the shipping charge. There are a couple sites that give you free standard shipping if you purchase over a certain amount, or you can choose to get your parcel couriered at an additional fee. I found the courier charge from ASOS to be fairly inexpensive. The first time I shopped there, I chose that option and I got my goodies in 4 days!

Lately, I’ve been using the standard shipping method as I get my parcel in 10 days, which is also not bad considering it’s coming from the UK.

The first time I shopped at ASOS my parcel arrived without going through customs. The second time it got stopped and I had to pay R1316.00 to release it from customs. Quite a substantial amount considering my purchase was only around R2000. I ended up paying like R3316.00 in total. The worst part; I bought such random stuff. Stuff that I could get anywhere locally, I was just blinded by the words “SALE”. Some of the stuff I liked, but lets say out of the 8 items I bought that day, only 2 of them were worth it.

My tips when shopping online

Firstly, don’t get overwhelmed by the selection!
One thing I found with ASOS is that they have so many cool clothes, I just want to add them all to my cart. After all, the one benefit of being a season behind, is we get to enjoy marked down merchandise from overseas outlets. Plus there’s the matter of how easy it is. Click, Click, checkout and you’re done.

Be smart!
Try only to pick items you are head-over-heels in love with. Don’t just add random t-shirts and odd socks you can find at your local Woolies.

Recently, I purchased two fabulous items from ASOS; one was a white sleeveless blazer I had been hunting for and a really cool fringed sleeveless jacket. I paid a total of about 500 odd Rand on the two items and when they arrived, I had to pay in around R300-and something in fees. That was ok! I would have easily spent R500-R700 on each jacket, so paying under R1000 for the two was worth it.

Inspect the item!
One thing I love about ASOS is that you can watch a video of the item moving down the runway. I found that this gives you a good idea of how the item “flows” and helps you decide if the size will fit you. I also like that they have fabric details, so you can generally see if an item has stretch or not and order sizes accordingly. I am between an 8 and 10 so this is very helpful for me.

Use the size chart if you’re unsure about what size to order. If you’re still worried, get a size bigger and have it taken in. Better too big than too small!

Don’t get too click happy!
I know the excitement of wanting to get it all now, now, now! Instead, put the items in your cart and leave them for a few days. Go back later and see if you still want those items. If not, get rid of them before checking out.

I hope this little blog helps you online shoppers out a bit. If you’ve shopped at other online outlets please post the details below, we’d love to hear your experience and advice.
If you want to give online shopping a try, remember you can still shop online locally via these fab sites:
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