Spin the colour wheel! Maybelline Mini Colorama Nail Polish

Maybelline have just launched a fabulous range of nail colours for all you nail polish lovers out there. Ten exciting shades to suit any mood!

Take a look at the all new Mini Colorama collection…

Hello Colour!

These high gloss nail polishes are designed to be durable, flexible and move with your nail to prevent chipping and peeling. Ill confirm that later after I paint my nails in one of the colours, I’m thinking Party Blue would be so cool!
The formula is super light, which means, yep you guessed it, you need at least three coats to get it looking vibrant, but once you apply your third coat, nails are good to go!

After three coats, viola!

And the rest of the colours...

These polishes are available right now and cost R44.95 each!
What colour are you lusting over?
Dimi Ingle

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