Best South African Fashion & Beauty Blogs

As one of South Africa’s fashion and beauty blogs we understand how much work goes into blogging. It’s hard work keeping your content fresh, unique and updated every day. So, we take our hat off to these, our fellow blogging buddies who have quality blogs and content.

Here is my guide to the best South African fashion blogs, the best South African beauty blogs and just best local blogs that are worth reading!



Style Guide Cape Town
The original Fashion Blogger, Robyn Cooke’s fantabulous blog is always full of fashion and style inspiration! It’s an absolute must click for anyone who want’s to know whose who and what’s what in the world of fashion. StyleGuideCT is like sitting front row at Fashion Week, every day and we love it!

Pop Ya Collar
The Muse! This stylish chica from Cape Town is an industry girl with an eye for style. It’s her job to find the hottest trends and thankfully she shares the scoop on her fabulous blog. It’s what she calls, “a fashionista’s view of the streets of Cape Town and beyond”.

Mr Price Fashion Blog/ In The Fashion Loop
A favourite among fashion bloggers and obsessed followers. In the Fashion Loop, a Mr Price Fashion Blog is a great place to come check out what’s trending in fashion right now. The blog includes the latest offerings from Mr Price, together with local and international fashion inspiration, fresh from the street.


Superficial Girls
I love Carlinn’s blog! Im on it all the time and am always looking for inspiration for new outfits. She loves playing with bright colours and her pictures are amazing! Plus she blogs! Now that’s dedication to your fashion style blog!

Miss Molly Fashions
Good golly Miss Molly, but your blog is fabulous! I love fellow Durban girl, Melissa Allen’s fashion-filled blog. She updates it all the time and it has a wide variety of content. I do love her outfit posts!

Fashion Jazz
Fashion Jazz used to be one of StyleScoop’s contributors. She used to write The Fearless Fashionista for us, but she’s also got her own super cool blog. I love checking it out to see the different ways Jasna styles her outfits and to get some cool inspiration and a peek into her A-list life.

Glam Fashion Princess
Vanessa has the most amazing hair! I love it, I want it! She’s also got really great style and her blog is updated with outfit pics that are very wearable.


Eloise Dreyer
Often my partner in crime at Cape Town beauty launches, Eloise is one of my fave beauty bloggers. Her blog is filled with new product launches and exciting content that shares insight into her fabulous life as a celebrity makeup artist and beauty blogger.

Lip Gloss Is My Life
Fellow beauty blogger Leigh vdb, or better known as Lip Gloss girl is the craziest-cool beauty blogger on the web. Her blogs, which range from beauty to random weekend jols are always fun, entertaining and will have you in stitches! Me likey!


Vanilla Blonde
We love the bubbly Vanilla Blonde, otherwise known as Bailey Schneider. She’s always been one of my fave local celebs and her blog is so much fun to read. It’s also where I discovered Vanilla Tea from Twinings! Thanks Bailey, I’m hooked 🙂

Being Brazen
Being Brazen has such a fun blog! On it she shares daily blogs about her addictions and favourite books with beautiful pictures and a lovely writing style. I enjoy reading her “Ten Things I learnt…” features and the various Bucket Lists she has of all the cool peeps on the net. Speaking of which, check out my Bucket List on her blog.

For random fun and gorgeous pictures, I love Glossary Girl’s beautiful blog. She calls it her digital scrap book and I can literally spend hours reading her content.

Kim Gray
One of my oldest “blogging buddies”! I think Kim and I both started our blogs in 2008. Her blog is super cool with a mix of decor, food, fashion and beauty. My fave feature is her Design Series! I love seeing how she transforms little bits of her home into a dream reality.

Dimi Ingle

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