Doing It For The Kids

Earlier this year Versace launched their children’s line Young Versace in Florence, Italy. The range which included clothing and accessories caters for girls and boys from babies to 12 years old. Now the luxury Italian fashion house have opened their very first Young Versace store.

This fancy little boutique is a one-storey building decorated in lilac and white and situated in Milan. Inside the store, there is a huge, client-appropriate merry-go-around, giant candy canes and Versace’s iconic logo can be seen emblazoned on the walls and carpet. Leopard print baby bottles, silk suits, studded hoodies and fairytale dresses are among the items you can find at the store.

If you’re in the market to fit your kids out in designer gear you’ll be pleased to know that Versace is not the only one offering super fabulous threads; Lanvin, Burberry, Stella McCartney and Roger Vivier have already produced or are in the process of producing ranges for the young ones.

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