A Starry Christmas

A Hollywood Christmas looks something like this…

If you’re Katy Perry then Christmas is a time for dressing up (is there ever an occasion when Katy isn’t costume?).

Katy Perry

Christmas “fashion” for guys is tacky, I mean tricky. Who knew that Jason Bourne, and even Snoop, are fans of the good old Christmas sweater?

Matt Damon

Snoop Dogg

Aah a Kardashian kandy kane Khristmas.

And then there’s the Christmas cards. Another Kardashian klassic – klassy!

The Kardashian klan

And what do our beloved celebs want for Christmas? Scarlett Johansson wants Obama to get re-elected, Brooke Shields wants her family to eat healthily, Avril Lavigne wants a knife set and Biebs, he’s a simple guy, he’s just wants undies.

Whatever you’re up to this holiday season, be happy, be safe and be stylish! x

images via www.huffingtonpost.com

Bronwyn Holmes