In a Perfect World…

All our makeup would be neat, tidy and easy to get to. All our containers would match and fit perfectly wherever we decided to pack and store them. But, we also love variety; we love different brands for different reasons and this results in, well, makeup clutter overload!

Are you feeling it?

I’m always searching for the perfect way to store my clutter makeup, so that I am able to find what I want when I want it. I started out by storing my makeup in a chest of drawers, then when we moved, I tried out these plastic containers. They served their purpose really well, but I eventually grew tired of them as the plastic finish looked out of place in my newly re-vamped closet room (which I will share soon)!

Right now I’m looking for another option. Trying out new things and hoping for something that makes my life a little easier.

How do you store your makeup? Take a pic, twitpic it to me on twitter @stylescoop, upload it to my wall on Facebook or mail it to me I’d love to see how you guys store your makeup. I’ll do a blog on all the different options and also share my new system soon.



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  1. January 5, 2012 / 2:25 pm

    oh I can relate to this post, I have a bit of an obsession with containers and container boxes the cuter the better!

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