An Idea to Organise Your Rings

I’ve been on a mad bender lately trying to organise and get everything neat and tidy in my dressing room. It’s a mission bordering on OCD, combined with an unhappy credit card. No matter where I go, no matter the type of shop; whether it’s a home ware shop, stationary shop, clothing shop, heck even hardware stores, I’m always looking at things to see how I can make them work to store stuff.

I’ve got to admit though, my crazy-lady hunt has resulted in some pretty nifty ideas that I will share with you over the next couple of weeks. Here’s one and a great way to store rings.

I got this cute little mirror jewel box as a gift for Christmas, which I used (for the first few days) to store my rings. Things like necklaces, earrings and bracelets get all tangled up in boxes, so I usually don’t keep stuff like that in jewellery boxes.

It was an ok idea, I could see my rings, but I do have a few of them so they were piled on top of each other – not so good!

Then, when I was at good ol’ Mr Price Home (my favourite store), which by the way I think is where the mirror box came from too – I found these cute little perspex egg trays in the kitchen section. They were only R29.99 each and I thought they would make a more practical way to store my rings. My plan was to move the rings out of the box and into my chest of drawers in my bedroom, but they fitted so perfectly into the box, I didn’t even have to!

I bought two sets and I stack them on top of each other and into the box. When I want to wear my rings, I just open the box, take them both out and choose. It’s so simple.

My rings are not Bvlgari jewels or Ippolita, so I don’t mind if they get a little scratched, not that they really would as they don’t get shifted around that much.

My favourite part of this storage and display is how practical it is and how it fits in nicely with my white, silver, chrome and mirrors dressing room.

I guess if you’re on a budget or feel like being creative, you could even use empty egg cartons – you know the ones you get when you buy eggs – to store rings, maybe even earring studs, brooches etc. Just make sure that if you go for the carton option, you put it somewhere that wont get moved around. My trays get stacked and unstacked every time I choose a ring, so the perspex option is definitely more practical for me.

Do you have any other ring storage solutions? I’d love to hear them. Comment below, tell me about it

Dimi Ingle

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