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This post is long overdue! I’ve been promising it for weeks on Twitter, and this weekend I finally had time to shoot some pics, so here goes. I hope you enjoy it and that it gives you some cool ideas to store your own makeup!

Alrighty, so above is my vanity setup. You’ll probably recognise it from my closet room post, which by the way still needs to be updated! I’ve made a few changes in the layout of my makeup, and I’ve also finished my dresser off nicely with a mirror top. Before I just had the wired shelf top and everything would just fall through – it was a mission! I’ve always wanted a mirror dressing table, and now I finally have it.

I can’t believe how cheap it was either! I think I paid R150 for the mirror top, which in case you’re wondering is sitting on a super thin piece of chipboard (so it doesn’t break). I also had smaller ones cut to fit into the side shelves.

Now, onto the makeup…

I like to have everything out in front of me, so I’ve re-organised my stuff from how it was previously, to make it more accessible.

I made my own little perspex/ acrylic makeup storage system. If you’re a fan of the Kardashian’s, you would no doubt have seen their freaking amazing makeup storage boxes. Well let me tell you, I hunted for these! They are crazy expensive (over R2300 without considering shipping, import tax etc). I even looked for cheaper options, but nothing! Heck, I even contemplated having some made, but at R600 (ex vat noggal) for 2 drawers (as apposed to Kim’s 5 drawer Clear Cube), I’d rather wait to win the lotto and get the real deal!

Mine is not quite a drawer, but it works well. If you look carefully you’ll see its a stack of two perspex pieces. The top one is a nail storage acrylic system that I found at Dischem. I use it to store my lipglosses, some of my fave lippies of the moment, my fave mascara’s, MAC pigments and some Estee Lauder cream eye shadow pots. Stuff that I use day to day.

The bottom piece, which I’ve configured how I wanted, is used to store things like eye shadow palettes that I like, my MAC mineralize shadows, Inglot pigments and my liquid liners and gel liner pots. There is also mascara’s in there but they didn’t make the pic. In one section you’ll see I’ve got three MAC mineralize blushers and underneath them I can fit three Benefit blushers perfectly.

I’ll do a separate post on these perspex configurations later this week, but basically you buy them in different sizes and then slide them into each other to create your own system. It’s ideal to organize your makeup into drawers or if you have the space, to lay them on your dresser top.

Now you’re probably wondering where all my eye shadows and bronzers etc are?

I’ve created my own little palettes for these. It is by far, the best way to store your eyeshadow! As I’m sure you know, eye shadows take up sooooo much space, and with each brand having it’s own packaging, it’s not easy to store your stuff neatly. So I just de-potted mine and made my own palettes.

The one on the left is all my MAC eye shadows that I’ve taken out the packaging. The one in the middle is a mix of brands, including; Bobbi Brown, MAC, Benefit, Clarins, Estee Lauder, Rimmel and Physicians Formula. The one on the right is also a mix of brands from MAC, Inglot, L’Oreal and Rimmel.

It’s amazing how much space I’ve saved from putting these into palettes and how much better it is to create looks with all my makeup out in front of me!

I’m a perfume hoarder, so it would be crazy to put all my perfumes out. Instead what I’ve done is picked my fave ones of the moment (this changes all the time) and put them into this cute mirrored tray I picked up at Mr Price Home. And for my brushes, this basket, also from Mr Price Home is still one of the best ways to organize my hair goodies.

I’d love to hear how you store your makeup. Whether you have a little or a lot, please share your storage tips with our readers. I’ll be doing a post next week on Makeup storage ideas from you! To submit yours, please snap a pic and email it to by Friday 27th January 2012. 

Comment below, let me know what you think and if you have any tips.



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