Fab Find Friday – Earring Stands

So you guys know my obsession with organising and storing my stuff! Always on the hunt for new and clever ways to organise, I found these amazing little earring stands that are a must for every gal!

How do you guys store your earrings? I must say, mine were a total mess! I had them all over the place, constantly buying more because I could never find them, forgotten about them, or lost the butterflies – how annoying!

That was until I discovered these…

Handy little earring stands that I picked up at Dischem for under R50 bucks!

I love these because you can store your hanging earrings as well as your studs, and you’re able to see everything nice and neatly. The other benefit is that your earrings don’t get damaged, tangled or go missing.

Studs go at the top, and you can store a variety of sizes. There’s actually a lot of space, so depending on the size of your studs, you can store them up here.

Your hanging earrings can be placed through the stud holes, or through these little slits, that makes getting them in and out a breeze!

As you can see, this little gadget holds a lot of earrings – mine isn’t even full yet, but I definitely want to get myself another one and start adding to my collection! They are fabulous!

Dimi Ingle

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