Fragrance Friday – Aura by Swarovski

Crystal transformed to liquid energy! The new Aura by Swarovski, the first fragrance from the mega sparkling masters, will now have your aura sparkling too.

“We wanted to push beyond fashion and glamour – Aura by Swarovski is a truly timeless concept. The idea of creating a fragrance and jewels at the same time is totally innovative and very much in keeping with the brand” says Markus Langes-Swarovski, a member of the Swarovski Crystal Board of Directors and great-grandson of the creator, Daniel Swarovski.

Check out the amazing bottle! With it’s very own Swarovski crystal at the top! Pure gorgeous!

Even the packaging opens like jewellery box, and because Swarovski supports beauty that is environmentally responsible, the entire line is refillable. I love this concept! Not only because it would be such a waste to throw away such a gorgeous bottle, but because you’re saving on the cost of packaging, so  you can get the refills at a lower rate and carry on enjoying this gorgeous scent!

The packaging is all made from recycled and recyclable cardboard and contains no additional leaflets. All the information about the fragrance, including a precious code that gives you access to the Swarovski members only beauty room – which can be redeemed on – is all printed inside the box!

Ok, now that I’m done drooling over the amazing bottle, let me tell you about the scent!

In a pretty shade of pink the scent is very grown up and sophisticated. It doesn’t scream vixen, nor does it scream teenybopper. It’s the kind of scent that makes you hold your head up high, as it exudes a feeling of power, presence and sex appeal without being over powering. You know like those gorgeous women who wear designer clothing that is only noticeable on the label – yet you know its designer?

At the heart of the fragrance is a prism of  energy, a fusion of amber, benzoin, and white musk. Three pure and noble olfactory vibrations become charged with energy, transforming into more intense, luminous rays of clear light.

A fruity ray with notes of juicy lychee: connecting to the prism of energy, the ray transforms into intense and rosy vibrations of sensual femininity. A floral ray with notes of pure white tuberose: connecting to the prism of energy, the ray transforms into voluptuous vibrations of majestic femininity.  A spicy ray with notes of subtly vibrant pink pepper: connecting to the prism of energy, the ray transforms into warm and woody vibrations of mysterious femininity.

You simply have to try it out! It’s beyond amazing!

Aura by Swarovski EDP
RSP: R995, 75ml

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