Ombre Hair

Remember when re-growth was so not hot? Well, right now it’s the hottest trend in hair. It’s called “Ombre” and celebs from Jessica Beil to Cameron Diaz have been spotted with two toned hair.

It’s basically when you leave your highlights in your hair, but cover your roots completely with a darker colour, giving it that tone effect. If you’re planning on growing out your highlights for the winter, then this is the perfect time.

Although, there is a difference between letting it grow out naturally, and helping to get the ombre effect. Especially if your hair is very blonde and your roots are very dark! The “natural” way can make your hair look kinda grungy, but if you have your hair properly “ombred” at a salon, you can achieve a more blended effect.

Personally I prefer it when there is a subtle change in colour, not a pitch black top, with over bleached roots!

What looks cool…

Well ladies, all this Ombre talk has got me feeling like a change – I think I might try it out this afternoon.

Do you love it, do you hate it?


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