Meet the Ray-Ban Icons!

These sunglasses have been around since 1937 and seen on the faces of millions around the world. They symbolize a unique, inimitable lifestyle, and come in a wide range of models, each with distinctive design and attention to detail. Of course, I’m talking about Ray-Ban’s, the world’s most iconic sunglass brand.

While there are many, many, many styles of Ray-ban sunglasses available, these eight styles are the “icons”. Styles that have been around since forever, timeless legends that transcend seasonal fashions with their instantly recognisable style…

From top left to right: Aviators, Wayfarer, Clubmaster, Shooter, Caravan, Balorama, Olympian, Phantom

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RAY-BAN AVIATOR RB 3025 An icon of style and design, and the model that signalled the birth of a timeless legend – Ray-Ban Aviator 3025 has been all of this since its launch in 1937. Created to satisfy the increasingly challenging requirements of US Air Force pilots, the Ray-Ban Aviator has gradually earned its place as an essential fashion accessory for men and women. Ray-Ban lives up to its name by offering maximum wearer protection while delivering the distinctive style that has become world- famous thanks to the many Hollywood stars who have chosen Ray-Ban eyewear as part of their look.

RAY-BAN WAYFARER – RB 2140 An authentic reproduction of the original, Ray-Ban Wayfarer RB 2140 is made entirely from injection-moulded acetate. This new edition is a tribute to a model that became an icon of the anti-conformist rock spirit from its launch in 1952. The eyewear of per- sonal preference for many of music’s most enduring stars, Ray-Ban Wayfarer starred in a succession of hit films, including Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Blues Brothers and Risky Business.

RAY-BAN CLUBMASTER RB 3016 The timeless Ray-Ban appeal is at its most irresistible in this model that became the symbol of an entire generation, synonymous with the anti-conformist intellectual spirit of the 1960s. Attention to technical detail combines with sophisticated styling to make Ray-Ban 3016 (Clubmaster) a genuine eyewear classic. A model that will satisfy the re-quirements of the most demanding users thanks to styling that is restrained yet sophi- sticated, Ray-Ban 3016 (Clubmaster) is available in black and tortoiseshell versions.

RAY-BAN SHOOTER RB 3292 The legendary RB 3138 model has been transformed with an edgier, more elegant design that will satisfy even the most style-conscious wearers. The double bridge is now slimmer and the sweatband has gone but the signature “cigarette- holder” hole is still there. The broad, drop-shaped lenses deliver maximum wearability and protection, even in the most intense light conditions.

RAY-BAN CARAVAN – RB 3136  launched in 1957 introduced a square line that offered an alternative to the now famous “Aviator” shape, revealing the essence of the Ray-Ban style. Ever more streamlined styling and meticulous attention to detail enable Caravan to embody that spirit to the full in the well-defined lines of the all-metal front with its distinctive double bridge. Sophisticated yet classic, Caravan continues to be the perfect accessory for everyday wear.

RAY-BAN BALORAMA – RB 4089 launched in 1967, Ray-Ban Balorama eyewear is ideal for wearers with an active, dynamic life style who want a model that can still offer classy design. The elegant face-hugging style ensures maximum eye protection even in the least favourable light conditions while flaunting restrained, sophisticated styling.

RAY-BAN OLYMPIAN – RB 3119 launched for the first time in 1965, Ray-Ban 3119 (Olympian) is a mainstay of the Ray-Ban story. The model anticipated the fashions of the 1970s, which saw the eyewear market develop along more sophisticated lines, attentive to new trends and distinctions between fashion models and sports eyewear.

RAY-BAN PHANTOM – RB 2030 This very lightweight, sporty model flaunts streamlined styling and sophisticated design. Attention to technical detail combines with sophisticated styling to make Ray-Ban 2030 (Phantom) a genuine Ray-Ban classic. Available in classic Ray-Ban colours like tobacco and black, this model stands out from the crowd in the glossy black version.

To find out more about Ray-Ban visit the Ray-Ban South Africa website or check out their Facebook fan page. Find your icon Ray-Ban style at Matrix Sunglass stores today!

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