Store Your Makeup! Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Makeup junkies, listen up! If you’ve been looking for the ultimate way to store your makeup, we’ve found the perfect solution! And if you’re a fan of the Kardashians, you’ve probably seen the sisters’ amazing clear makeup storage boxes and like me, have been hunting for one?

Well, acrylic makeup organizers are now available to us in SA thanks to 27Pinkx. The lovely Khatija sent me one of these awesome acrylic makeup drawers to review and I am in love with it. It’s amazing just how much makeup can fit inside while still looking pretty and organized, but most importantly, ensuring everything is easily accessible.

Take a look…

These clear acrylic makeup organizers are beyond beautiful and can store both your large and small beauty products, all in one place! The size of this one is 310mm wide x 380mm high x 305mm deep and consists of five compartments.

The top compartment has a flip-lid that you can use to store all your daily essentials. I’ve used mine to store all my palettes and some foundations which I’ve laid flat because I keep the my lid closed. The lid flips right back, so you can even leave it open to store your foundations or perfumes if you’d prefer them to stand upright.

Then, there are four drawers, with the bottom one being slightly higher than the rest.

As you can see, they are made from a very thick acrylic, so they wont break easily and the drawers open nicely without everything shifting around. For mine, I’ve used some smaller containers inside the bottom draw to keep all my mascaras, concealers/ foundation samples and tools like eyelash curlers, tweezers and sharpeners nice and neat.

In the second compartment, (or first draw) I keep all my blush, bronzers and powder products. It’s nice that I can see them easily without having to dig!

The second draw is where I keep my lip glosses, lip pencils and my gel liner pots.

In the third draw, I keep all my cream eye shadows and pigments as well as some of my MAC mineralize eye-shadows that I don’t depot (more on that later!). You’ll notice I don’t have any eyeshadows or lipsticks, because I put all of mine into palettes to make it easier to find, use and store. In the back you’ll see I’ve used the containers from my old makeup storage to store my eye pencils, liquid liners and more mascaras. It just keeps them neater and because they are also clear, they still look nice and tidy inside the draw.

Now I know what you’re thinking! That I’ve got WAY too much makeup and what would the average girl do with so much storage space? Right? I am aren’t I? Well, I’ve already got an answer for you!

Just because I’m obsessed with makeup and have far too much -see I can admit it-, doesn’t  mean you have to use this acrylic drawer just for makeup! You can use it to store your accessories, skincare products, body products or even sunglasses with your makeup! Who said it all has to be the same stuff anyway? 

Then, -now you’re really going to love this part- the bottom drawer is the perfect place to store your nail-polish! I keep all my nail-polish in containers that are grouped into two/three colours and labeled on the outside, but you can go one step further and fill the bottom drawer of your Acrylic Makeup Organizer with your nail polishes. And the best part, they can stand upright and look organized.

Any guess how many nail polishes I managed to fit in there?

Stop judging! I know, I know, I have far too much nail polish too! Anyway, I managed fit 86 nail-polishes from different brands, including; Revlon, Chanel, Sally Hansen, OPI, Essie, MALAVA, Rimmel, Tip Top, Inglot and Sass Diva. They are all different sizes, so it’s awesome that they all fit in there.

Where do you put it? If you’re lucky enough to have a big-ass bathroom counter or dresser, then that that would be the perfect place. For now I keep mine on my big-ass bedside table, but I’ll probably move it over into My Closet Room (which by the way needs an updated post) at some stage. It’s a bit big for my vanity in my closet room, but I’m sure I’ll find another way to get it in there.

These Acrylic Makeup Organizers are available from South African based company, 27Pinkx. They cost R1450.00 for a single unit and are way worth it!

After trying to source and buy the Kardashian’s makeup storage (their’s is the Clear Cube) online, I eventually gave up on the idea because they were around $300-$350 (thats about R2500-R3000) just for the case! Plus then I’d have to consider shipping it to SA and customs charges (those sneaky sneaks!). This way, I’m dealing with a South African based retailer, so the price is the price and all of their parcels are insured if you’re having them couriered – so you don’t need to worry about them breaking and being stuck with a damaged box.

Be sure to check out 27Pinkx on Facebook to see other awesome storage pics of this unit and to get your hands on one!

How do you store your makeup at the moment? What else would you store inside this acrylic makeup organizer?

Dimi Ingle

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