Inside my Closet… with Superficial Girls

Spring is the perfect time to clean out and re-organize your closet! To help motivate you, we’ve asked some stylish fashionistas to take us inside their closet.

This week, we’re taking you inside the closet of local fashion style blogger, Carlinn from Superficial Girls. We’re absolutely hooked on this girl’s amazing style, so we were just as excited to peek inside her closet.

Take a look…

Tell us a bit about your closet

I used to have a whole room that I used as a closet and makeup room when I lived in Malta, but when we moved back to Cape Town space was definitely an issue, so I had to come up with some very creative ways to store my clothes, shoes and jewelry!

At the moment I have all my jackets in one cupboard, dresses and shirts in another and then tees, jeans, shorts and skirts are all folded. I rotate my clothing with the seasons and I also have a clothing rail in the garage, where I keep some of things that I don’t wear that often.

My shoes are all sorted by style or color and I showcase some of my more “special pairs” in the dining area of our apartment (yes, I do live with a man and no, he doesn’t mind!)

The Best thing about my closet is…

It’s colorful! I love opening up my closet and seeing color, even when it gets messy it doesn’t feel like a chore to reorganize.

What are your top five storage and organization tips?

  1. Pack and sort by types of clothing and colour.
  2. Pack items that you wear the most in the front of your cupboard so that you don’t have to scratch at the back to find them and mess up your cupboard in the process.
  3. Get a jewelry organizer and a belt box! These have saved me hours of frustration.
  4. If you have the space, keep all your shoes in boxes. I wish I could do this as it keeps your shoes looking new for much longer.
  5. If you haven’t worn something for more than a year either sell it, give it to charity, or if it is something you cant bear to part with, vacuum seal it and put it in storage. So many of us hoard things that we never wear and they end up making our cupboards look messy and like there is nothing to wear in them.

My dream closet would look like…

This one! It looks more like a shop and it’s all light and airy. Imagine getting dressed there! ahhh bliss!

Check out Carlinn’s blog for daily outfit posts that will inspire you to dress up! You can also follow her on TwitterFacebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin and Youtube.

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  1. September 21, 2012 / 8:44 am

    I absolutely love her style.
    Her cupboard is so organized – I clearly need to give mine a huge makeover.
    Great post idea Dimi

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