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Beautiful Shoe Storage Idea You Could DIY

It took me a while to get onto the whole “pinning” bandwagon, but I’m absolutely hooked! It’s amazing how many great ideas you can find on Pinterest ! Take for example this awesome shoe storage solution made from empty wine crates!


The Roomblr is responsible for this genius idea and when I saw it, I just had to share.

At the moment all my shoes are stored in shoe rails in my closet room, which is great, but I still think that displaying heels on shelves shows off the full prettiness of shoe.

Unfortunately I’m not much of a wine drinker, so I have no clue where to get empty crates, but hey, StyleScoop is all about sharing ideas and inspiration, so if you can get your hands on some, go for it!

After seeing this Pinsperation, I found something similar that would probably work just as well (if not better) at The Homemakers Expo this weekend. Pine cubes with different designs. These could be stacked on top of, and next to each other to create a shoe library.


As much as I love my closet slash dressing room, I’m getting tired of it being so “racky; so one of the things I would like to add at some stage, is some lovely wooden furniture that will just finish it off nicely. I’m thinking of rebuilding the clothing racks to create more hanging space for my clothes and move all my shoes from the racks into a shoe-case feature.

If you’re on Pinterest, you can follow me on pinterest.com/stylescoopblog and if you’re as obsessed with storing and organizing stuff in your home and life, you’ll probably love my Well Organized board. It’s filled with inspiring ideas from all over and I’m constantly adding to it.

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